Decompression is computer controlled traction, programmed to deliver a gentle stretching force to the spinal vertebrae.

Decompression therapy is most commonly used when people are having symptoms related to intervertebral disc problems. Injured or degenerated discs may generate deep, aching pain felt in the neck, shoulders, low back, or legs. In addition, bulging or protruding discs may irritate nearby nerves and cause symptoms to radiate out into your arms, legs, hands, and feet. Symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pins and needles, burning, pain, and weakness are common when someone is experiencing disc problems.

Discs can often be a bit tricky when it comes to healing because of two things. One, the outer layer of discs are made up of fibrocartilage, which is tough and slow to heal. The second reason is because discs are largely avascular, which means they don’t have a very good blood supply. A disc absorbs nutrients and dispels waste by the normal compression and relaxation of the tissue as we move around. This pumping action allows the movement of these products in and out of the disc, unlike most tissues (muscle, bone, skin) that have an easily accessed blood supply, which delivers the necessary nutrients directly to where it needs to be.

To help restore normal motion to the disc and relieve some of the stress and tension, we utilize an advanced form of computerized decompression therapy. The decompression table can be used for people with neck or low back disc problems. The table goes through a progression of gentle traction followed by a relaxation phase. This allows the body to ease into the treatment as well as avoid any muscle guarding or tightening. The transition through different pull cycles is so easy and smooth that patients will commonly fall asleep during their session.

Computerized decompression therapy is the future of conservative disc care and healing the associated neurological findings. Decompression allows us to treat your health concerns with more specificity and aid you in getting back to normal more quickly.