Too commonly, we are seeing patients who have tried all the typical health avenues, but fail to see progress or results.

“If my labs are normal, why do I feel terrible?”

“I’ve been taking the recommended medication, but I never seem to get better.”

“It seems like no one has the time or answers for me.”

Unfortunately, many doctors don’t take the necessary time with patients to fully understand and comprehend their problems. Before the patient has even fully introduced themselves a prescription is being written and they are out the door wondering if they were heard at all. When the medication is finally acquired, it only acts to cover up symptoms and not address the real cause of the problem.

Our approach is different. With functional medicine and a holistic approach, we start by truly listening to you, so we can begin to change your health story together as a team. The functional medicine paradigm allows us to understand that symptoms are important, but they are only clues and small pieces to what is truly going on. Achieving health isn’t just about having “normal” lab tests and normal imaging, it’s about living life the way you want to do it, full of energy and enthusiasm.

The shift in the mindset starts here. In traditional Western medicine, there is a single point in time when someone is diagnosed with a disease. Whether that be due to evidence on a MRI or a lab value being too high or low, there must be something on paper to make it diagnosable. Once a condition can be given a name, then treatment can begin, whether it be drugs or surgery.

Unfortunately, this is not how our bodies work. Health is a progression. Just like it takes time for someone to get in shape, it also takes time for the development of many chronic health conditions that our society deals with today. However, in the time between you feeling your best and the point when you are diagnosed, you can be experiencing life altering symptoms. In addition, when you’re finally provided treatment, very rarely are people “fixed” by something that just covers up the pain or discomfort.

We do not have a magic pill or an easy button. To get healthy the right way, it takes lifestyle changes, dietary changes, hard work, and a novel way of thinking. So before we begin to work together, it is important to ask yourself a couple of questions.

“Am I willing to break my normal habits and routines?”

“Can I embrace a drastically new dietary plan?”

The most important…

“Am I ready to do what it takes to get healthy again?”

Here’s the plan. If you’re excited about changing your health around today, great. If you are interested in a new way of doing things, but are still a little unsure, that’s fine too. Either way, the first step is to call or email the clinic and schedule a complimentary, no strings attached 20 minute consult with the doctor. When you come into the clinic you will be asked to fill out some information regarding your health that provides us with necessary information for the consultation and allows us to efficiently move forward if you decide to proceed to the examination phase.

Most commonly, the consult is conducted in the clinic, but can also be accomplished over the phone (if circumstances require it Skype is also available). The doctor will briefly review your health history, explain to you what a course of treatment typically looks like, outline expectations, and answer any questions.

In the end, we are here to support you in whatever way we can and with whatever choice you choose to make. If our approach to healthcare doesn’t sound like a good fit right now, we will always be here to help in the future. Join the thousands who have already gone though the journey and seen what amazing results can be achieved with cutting edge healthcare designed for you.

Common conditions addressed include hypothyroidism, digestive disorders (IBS, IBD, gastric reflux, Crohn’s, UC, leaky gut), hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes, anemia, autoimmune conditions, and more.