Millions of people are currently undergoing medical treatment for thyroid conditions, however, many continue to struggle with the symptoms and frustration that comes with a low functioning thyroid.

Things like low energy and fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, depression, hair loss, and digestive problems are just a few of the obstacles that people who have a low functioning thyroid have to deal with. These symptoms disrupt time with our family or spouse, our ability to be productive at work, or enjoy our usual activities. It makes us feel embarrassed, irritated, discouraged, and hopeless, especially when it seems like our current form of treatment isn’t helping.

Although it is small, our thyroid gland is hugely important for our physiology to work properly. At the same time, our thyroid gland is also very sensitive to the internal environment of the body and can be “thrown off its game” due to alterations in immune regulation, blood sugar, hormones, inflammation, medications, and stress.

Here’s the main point. A large majority of people experience low thyroid output because of the factors surrounding the thyroid gland, not because there is something inherently wrong with the thyroid. Therefore, any attempt to help improve the thyroid function must start by addressing the cause, not simple trying to mask the symptoms and abnormal lab values with medication.

You deserve to be treated like a human being and an individual whose needs may be a little bit different than the person next to you. Not all thyroid problems can be addressed in the same manner. If you’re still battling with symptoms and laying awake at night wondering when things will get better, it is not enough to say that your lab values look normal so you must be fine. That type of suffering and struggle should not be tolerated.

When you combine an expert understanding of thyroid physiology with a willingness to find the true cause of the problem, real progress can be made. Creating a specific care plan for you allows for a healing process that lets you get back to doing the things you love and being the person you want to be.