Here’s The Scoop On Disc Injuries

The pain that disc injuries can cause is so extreme that it can literally make a person unable to move around in the casual way that they normally do every day. These types of injuries commonly occur while a person is participating in a sporting activity or doing a strenuous physical endeavor. Another time in which disc injuries are known to occur is when a person has a slip and fall accident. If you’ve been told that you might have incurred a disc injury it means that you’ve injured the cushion-like core of a disc. Your discs are located in the spinal area of your body. These types of injuries need to be healed in a timely and effective manner so make sure to seek the help of Bodle Chiropractic in Des Moines as soon as possible. They are specifically trained to heal these types of injuries.

After you make an appointment to see Dr Bodle, then the next thing that will happen is the staff Bodle Chiropractic will have you fill out information regarding your health history. This helps the Dr Bodle learn about the overall health of your body so they can treat you successfully.

After you fill out all your paperwork, then Dr Bodle will give you a thorough examination so they can determine if you really have a disc injury or if you’ve been inflicted by a different injury. In some cases, Dr Bodle will have you go for an x-ray or an MRI because these tests also help them find out what is going on within the spinal area of your body.

If he finds out that you do have a disc injury they will decide on the proper treatment method to use so they can heal you safe and effectively. You should know that he uses many different treatment methods to heal disc injuries, so they will certainly have a treatment that can benefit you in healing your injury.

Here’s the scoop, disc injuries can be very painful, but you don’t have to continue living with this type of injury and suffering from the pain. This is because when you see us at Bodle Chiropractic in Des Moines regarding your injury, we will do their very best to heal you in a natural, safe and very effective manner.