Low level laser therapy or cold laser is a device that emits light at a specific frequency to aid your body in healing.

The light waves excite a specific area of our mitochondria that allows for the increase the production of ATP. ATP is the fuel or energy that our cells use to do many different functions. Anything from tissue repair to fighting off a winter cold requires the use of ATP to make these processes work.

Cold laser is commonly used with areas of the body that are notorious for slow healing or demand high levels of energy to function. Conditions such as arthritis, disc herniations, meniscus injuries, sprained ankles, peripheral neuropathy (carpal tunnel, sciatica, tingling/numb/burning feet), radiculopathy, and more, can all be assisted by laser therapy.

Therapeutically, the increased amount of ATP allows the injured area of the body to more quickly repair damage, reduce inflammation, and limit pain. Used in conjunction with other treatments such as chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and decompression, cold laser plays a valuable role that can truly assist in severe acute injuries or chronic health problems.

Because the treatment works by directing light towards a particular body part the patient will not feel anything during the treatment. There is never any burning or pain associated with cold laser therapy. This is a definite advantage of the laser especially when someone is in acute pain and it is difficult to do manual treatments because of pain levels.

Please note that due to advancement and progression of laser therapy within the last few years that it is not always recognized as a billable procedure by many insurance companies. If laser therapy is necessary for your specific health concerns we will be happy to work out a plan that is comfortable and easy for anyone.