Three Things You Should Know About Autoimmunity

Autoimmune conditions are the third largest category of disease in the United States following cancer and heart disease, however, the traditional treatment for these conditions continues to have poor outcomes. Here are three things you should know about autoimmunity. 1. We all have a tendency to focus on the area giving us the most pain [...]

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Blood Sugar and Elevated Insulin

When I bring up the topic of insulin, many people who have some familiarity with this important hormone figure that it doesn’t apply to them. People often think that insulin is something that people with diabetes take, but isn’t all that important for the rest of the population. Unfortunately, this line of thinking can be [...]

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Exercise for a healthy, strong BRAIN!

People often exercise to strengthen muscles or lose weight, but exercise is really most important for your BRAIN! Regular exercise can help improve brain function, build new connections, improve memory, and prevent degeneration. While some may debate what type of exercise is best, the most important thing is to find something YOU like and get [...]

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